CHICAGO, IL — I am Alec Shaw, Partner of Business Development at Sperax, a blockchain company that is building the world’s first stablecoin that pays yield.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Chicago with access to bank accounts, cutting-edge fintech, and some of the most advanced financial services…

Hi, I am Alec, partner at Sperax.

Earlier this year, my partner, Frida, and I announced LIFTED, a year long grant initiative to be distributed to dedicated women building out the blockchain ecosystem. …


Depending on which lost coin assumptions are considered, the value of one Bitcoin varies greatly. In the most extreme case, upwards of 40% of circulating Bitcoins could be lost forever. Considering lost coins, Bitcoins today are trading at a material discount of 5 to 40%.

Lost Coins: The Consequence of a Novel Feature

Self custody of Bitcoins requires…

Alec shaw

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