CHICAGO, IL — I am Alec Shaw, Partner of Business Development at Sperax, a blockchain company that is building the world’s first stablecoin that pays interest.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Chicago with access to bank accounts, cutting-edge fintech, and some of the most advanced financial services in the world.

However, I only represent a very tiny percent of the global population. Bill Gates mentioned this travesty in a cryptocurrency forum three years ago: that expanding digital financial access should be a global humanitarian priority.

“Transforming the underlying economics of financial systems through digital currency will help…

Hi, I am Alec, partner at Sperax.

Earlier this year, my partner, Frida, and I announced LIFTED, a year long grant initiative to be distributed to dedicated women building out the blockchain ecosystem. The purpose of the program is to provide capital and advisory support to early stage teams pushing the space forward.

In LIFTED Phase I — , we selected three projects for a total of $15,000. We were able to make this a reality thanks to our co-host Polyient Games and our partners The Bigger Pie, BEN, Meta Gamma Delta, Harmony Protocol, University of Michigan, Bit2Buzz and more.


Depending on which lost coin assumptions are considered, the value of one Bitcoin varies greatly. In the most extreme case, upwards of 40% of circulating Bitcoins could be lost forever. Considering lost coins, Bitcoins today are trading at a material discount of 5 to 40%.

Lost Coins: The Consequence of a Novel Feature

Self custody of Bitcoins requires radical agency. The decentralized nature of the bitcoin network only allows for transactions to be sent, never to be reversed, even if a mistake is made.

When choosing to self custody, Bitcoin hodlers are responsible for keeping their private keys safe. I like to think of this responsibility similar to…

Alec shaw

Digital Asset Degen

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